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Irish VAT Registration

One must register for VAT if he/she is a taxable person (or business) and your minimum annual turnover for registering with the VAT authorities (i.e. the amount of your receipts excluding VAT) is €75,000 in respect of the supply of goods and €37,500 in respect of the supply of services. You are also liable to register for VAT if you accept taxable services from overseas or if you are a foreign merchant performing business in the State. Registration generally takes 3-4 weeks subject to some variations.

To register for VAT you must fill in one of the following forms

Registration Form TR1 for a sole trader or partnership,
Registration Form TR2 for a company.

Foreign companies may get the facility to register in Ireland for VAT not creating the formation for a local company – known as non-resident VAT trading. There does not remain any VAT threshold in Ireland for the registration of non-resident traders – a VAT number should be in possession before starting the taxable supplies.

In order to get Irish VAT registration the following criteria should be fulfilled

i) Importing goods into Ireland;
ii) Buying and selling goods within Ireland;
ii) Organizing live events, conferences etc in Ireland;
iv) Holding goods in a warehouse in Ireland as stock;
v) Supply and install services;
vi) Selling goods from Ireland to other EU countries;
vii) Distance selling to private individuals, e.g. internet retailing.

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