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According to a European Commission report, 80% of companies do not reclaim their foreign VAT

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Irish VAT Refunds

If a foreign company without having an Irish VAT number is selling goods in Ireland or just deserving Irish VAT on local goods or services, then Irish VAT is refundable through a VAT reclaim.

Individuals suffering from disabilities can retrieve VAT incurred on certain aids and appliances they require because of their disability e.g. Braille books.

Visitors to Ireland from non-EU countries making purchases can get refund of sales taxes in Ireland.

Any visitor is liable for a Irish VAT refund if he/she purchases goods in Ireland and leaves the country keeping the goods with him within three months. To obtain this facility you should get a detailed receipt including name, address and the VAT paid. Submit all the receipts to the Customs office at your departure point and get them stamped. These verified receipts can then be delivered to the store for a refund of the VAT.

The following should be kept in mind for reclaiming a VAT refund:

VAT can be returned back for the purchase of goods, not services, so you are not in a position to reclaim any VAT incurred on accommodation, entrance charges, meals, guides, car hire etc.

Some goods in Ireland are VAT exempted, as for instance children’s clothing and footwear, books and food (excluding things like chocolates or other confectionery). As you don’t have to pay any VAT at the time of purchasing the goods, you are not liable for VAT refund.

There is no minimum or maximum amount you can claim.

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