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Irish VAT

Ireland belongs to the EU VAT system, and is part of the European single market economy. In Ireland, approximately all consumer products are liable to Value Added Tax or VAT. It is a hidden tax and can also be considered to be a form of sales tax. It is added into the purchase price to almost all goods for sale in Ireland and must be paid by those who live in the EU.

In Ireland one should not be accountable for VAT in the case of mailing gifts home, purchasing at Shannon and Dublin's Duty Free Airport shops, purchasing goods at Ireland's churches, abbeys, and other non-profit organizations that activates as charitable trusts.

Ireland Transactions that are exempt from VAT
The following products and services are exempt from VAT:

- Export.
- Health and medical services.
- Children's clothing.
- Insurance and banking services.
- Food.
- Agricultural fertilizers

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